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Friday, February 24, 2012

Disney Dollars

We are starting something new at our house... Disney Dollars!!  The boys are going to start earning them for things they do around the house, getting good grades etc to use on our trips to Disneyland!!

Using Disney Dollars can add to the fun of a Disneyland visit, especially for kids. Many people have heard of Disney Dollars, but do not know exactly what they are, where to get them, or how to use them. For those interested in purchasing Disney Dollars to use during an upcoming visit to Disneyland, the following information may be useful to you!

Disney Dollars are fun money to use at Disneyland - Disney dollars are a currency that can be used at Disneyland Resort, including Disney's California Adventure, and Disney World. Disney Dollars can be used at shops and restaurants inside the parks, and sometimes at concession stands within the parks as well. Disney Dollars are decorated in Disney characters and art, and are especially fun for children to use as spending money during a Disney vacation. Disney Dollars can be purchased in increments of $1, $5, and $10. Disney Dollars do not expire.

Disney Dollars can be purchased in multiple ways - Disney Dollars can be purchased on site at the Disneyland Resort, and Walt Disney World. You can purchase them within some of the shops within the parks, or at City Hall at both the Magic Kingdom at Disney World and Disneyland. They can also be purchased at your local Disney Store, or online through the eBay store (although these are usually Disney Dollars that are no longer in circulation and therefore, are priced higher than the amount they are worth). Finally, Disney Dollars can be purchased through Disney directly via snail mail. Send a request specifying exactly how much you want in Disney Dollars, and in what denominations, as well as a check or money order payable to Disneyland for that amount plus $10 for shipping and handling to: Disneyland Resort (line 1), Ticket Mail Order (line 2), P.O. Box 61061 (line 3), Anaheim, CA 92803-6161 (line 4).

Disney Dollars are easy to use - Use Disney Dollars just as you would use regular money. Be aware though, that when you spend Disney Dollars, your change will be given in standard U.S. currency. For this reason, it might be better for kids to be given small denominations of the Disney Dollars. Additionally, if at the end of your Disney vacation you find that you have Disney Dollars left over that were not spent, you can exchange them back for standard U.S. currency. You can do this before you leave the resort, or at your local Disney Store when you get back home.

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