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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bringing BACK the Romance!!

10 Simple ways to bring back romance!!

Love Note's... it's one of the simplest ways to say I love you! Hide them in unexpected places such as in his brief case, dry erase marker on the bathroom mirror, with sidewalk chalk, on his rear view get the idea.

Theme room's... transform your bedroom or any room into a jungle, the beach, camping and have foods to go along with your theme...use your imagination :)
Follow the string...when your hubby comes home from work, have a note attached to a sting instructing him to follow it wherever it leads over and under tables..make sure the "prize at the end is worth it ;)

Impromptu picnic... put the kiddos to bed early and set up a simple picnic on your bed of in front of the fireplace complete with the gingham table cloth and picnic basket.
Formal "invitation"...send your hubby a formal invitation to meet you in a special place at a specific time. Your date can be fancy or simple but he will look forward to it all day :)
Bed of tea light candles and rose petals leading to your bedroom when he arrives home ;)

Hurry home honey... drive to his work and place a little wrapped gift bag of lingerie on the front seat, see if he can get home without getting a ticket ;)

Overnight getaway... you can get great overnight hotel deals just by planning ahead, don't forget to arrange someone to watch the kiddos

Write him a poem... our hubby's love this just as much as we do :)

365 love notes... make heart shaped love notes and put them in a jar, they can include coupons for a back rub, movie night, favorite get the picture ;)

Love dinner... make an all red/pink dinner :)

Use Rain-X Anti Fog and a cotton swab to write him a secret love note on the bathroom mirror that will magically appear when he takes shower ;)

If haven't heard about the book called The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman it's simply a must have for all couples. Read it together, it will help you express heartfelt commitment to your mate. There is even one for Children!!

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Lisa said...

Thanks Renee, I needed some inspiration to get my creativity flowing for Valentine's day!