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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Edible Play Dough!!!!

While watching the TLC series Jon & Kate plus 8 I saw a great idea...edible play dough!! My boys put everything in their mouths and I end up getting frustrated and putting “Play Doh” away so Landon won't make himself sick eating it. So rather than the usually salt dough Kate made her children edible yes edible peanut butter play dough...what a great the next day I made it for the boys. I added flour so it would be a stiffer consistency but it worked like charm. I also found some other great edible recipes that I can't wait to try. So the next time you need to keep you kids busy with a project you can try this.....happy kneading!!!

Kool-Aid Play Dough
1 cup flour
1 cup water
1/2 cup salt
3 teaspoons Cream of Tartar
1 package Kool-Aid Mix (any flavor of unsweetened)
1 tablespoon cooking oil

Mix dry ingredients together in a large saucepan. Slowly add water mixed with oil and stir over medium heat until mixture thickens to dough. Turn out onto a heatproof breadboard or counter top and knead until cool enough for children to handle. Dough will be the color of the Kool-Aid mix and will smell like the Kool-Aid mix. (Can be stored in a tightly covered container for up to six months)

Jell-O Play Dough
1 cup flour
1/2 cup salt
1 cup water
1 tablespoon oil
2 teaspoons Cream of Tartar
1 (3-1/2 oz.) package "unsweetened" Jell-O

Mix all ingredients together and cook over medium heat, stirring constantly until consistency of mashed potatoes. Let cool and knead with floured hands until dry. Storage: This recipe needs to cool completely "before" storing it in an airtight container! Note: The items made from this play dough recipe can be painted when they are dry.

Peanut Butter Play Dough
one 18-oz. jar creamy peanut butter
6 tablespoons honey
3/4 cup non-fat dry milk

Mix ingredients together, using varying amounts of dry milk ( I also added flour) for desired consistencies. Knead it with floured hands forming into desired shapes. Storage: When not using, MUST be stored in an airtight container.

Frosting Play Dough
1 can frosting (any flavor)
1-1/2 cups powdered sugar
1 cup creamy peanut butter

Mix together until dough reaches desired consistency
Storage: When not using, MUST be stored in an airtight container and refrigerated. Next time you want to use it, let it come to room temperature for pliable dough.

Chocolate Play Dough
8 oz. semisweet chocolate
1/4 cup plus one tablespoon light corn syrup

Melt the chocolate in a metal bowl set over a pan of simmering water (a double boiler). Stir the chocolate with a spoon until smooth, then stir in the corn syrup. The chocolate will stiffen almost immediately but stir completely combined. Transfer the chocolate to a sturdy plastic bag and refrigerate until firm; the consistency will be that of Play Dough.

When firm, the dough can be worked by kneading. If it is too hard, cut off small pieces and knead until pliable. If the dough sticks to the counter when rolling, lightly spray counter or breadboard with vegetable spray or lightly grease with vegetable oil. Storage: When not using, MUST be stored in an airtight container and refrigerate.

Diary of the left big toe day 16.......

So my toe is feeling much better :) I can walk normally and shower without much notice to it at all *it still doesn't bend* but as to be is not a pretty sight. About now I am longing for a pedicure but it will be a longtime before I can get one. I like to always have pretty toes during the summer *really always* when wearing only cute sandals and flip flops....doesn't every girl? I guess I can get my other foot done but really don't see the point...... I can't soak it for a while and frankly wouldn't risk getting any type of infection that would hinder my toe nail from growing back ;o *please grow, please grow* I look forward to when the day comes when I will be able to have pretty toes again.....

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Date Night with Seinfield!!

Ryan and I went to see Jerry Seinfield last night at Abravanel was so much fun! Jackson reminded us before we left just how much he loves Sienfield and asked us to get him something from the show, unfortunately there was no souvenirs to take him. His warm up was Tom Papa *he is hilarious* and I kept having flashes of Barry from The Bee Movie while Sieldfield was on stage...I guess I have seen that one to many times. It was a great night out and the boys all enjoyed a sleep over at grandpa's and grandma's backyard in a tent!

Our little Cub Scout....

Jackson earned a lot of awards while at Cub Country and waiting to become a member of the Bear den on his 9th birthday. They had a great pack meeting with the theme of the Olympics. They had an Olympian come that competed in Track and Field and talk to the boys about his experience and brought all his was really cool. Since Ryan schedule changed and he comes on Thursday nights he got to come and it was so great for Jackson to have his dad there!!

Boys and their sticks...

We had a fun day at the park Thursday morning with Heather and her bunch. It was actually cool in the shade and the kids played and played. No matter what fun things are at the park all the boys seem to find and collect sticks. Jackson made spears with about a dozen and the smaller boys tried to find just the right one. Landon tried his best to keep up with the big boys while the girls just toodled around. It was a fun day at the park!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

tip of the week...

So I am constantly running around like a crazy woman to the pool, tennis, practices, the name it if I am going I am running out the door to get there. Before I make my quick getaway I find myself in the pantry grabbing hand fulls of this and that for snacks for the boys. About a 2 months ago I was watching the TLC series Jon & Kate plus eight *which I love* and Kate was making dried cereal snack bags for her kids while they traveled to church and a light bulb went off in my head.....So the next time I went to the store I bought all different ingredients to go in my snack bags like fruit loops, teddy grahams, kix, chex, mini marshmallows, small pretzels, gold fish, dried fruit *we loved dried pineapple, yummy*, cheese crackers just basically anything you kind find finger size. When I got home I opened up all the packages and dumped them in a huge ziploc baggie *you know the huge ones they recommend for storage and such* I then mixed it all up and made my own individual baggies for me to grab on the go. I have done this three time *it makes a lot* and I have just loved it! My boys are big snackers especially Landon and whether we are going to church or the pool I have a great snack to bring along and the boys love it because it if different every time so go snack happy!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

When you get in trouble and you don't know right from wrong
Give a little whistle! Give a little whistle!
When you meet temptation and the urge is very strong
Give a little whistle! Give a little whistle!

Not just a little squeak, pucker up and blow
And if your whistle's weak, yell, "Jiminy Cricket!"

Take the straight and narrow path
And if you start to slide
Give a little whistle! Give a little whistle!
And always let your conscience be your guide

hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil....

Sunday, June 22, 2008

What did your father tell you this morning????

My friend, Liz Heugly wrote on her blog:

As a Mother of 4 I am constantly trying to teach my young children right from wrong. Just like Thumpers Mother in Bambi I too have said her exact words..."If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all."

I have a very close friend, who I love a ton. She is one of the most kind and generous women I have ever met. She is always looking for ways to serve others, and rarely receives any thanks.

I have been shocked the past couple of months as I have watched some of her closest friends and family mistreat her. I could never imagine treating another in this way. Didn't their mothers teach them what Thumper was taught?

I think we should all remember the words to the song we learned in Primary...I want to be kind to everyone for this right you see, so I say to myself remember this...Kindness begins with me.

........people throughout your life will always hurt you, they will either do it unconsciously or some will choose to say and do things that will deliberately hurt you, either way it's their problem not yours. Live your life to the fullest and always be your authenic go make it a great day!!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Moon Boys..

Hey diddle diddle,
The cat and the fiddle,
The cow jumped over the moon;
The little dog laughed to see such sport,
And the dish ran away with the spoon.

Ever since my boys were babies they have all loved the moon. The other night at 1:30 AM I was awoken by Landon squeaking with delight..."mommy, mommy the moon!" The moon was full, bright and shining bright through the window. Landon and I went outside to see it and it was beautiful! He wanted to read his favorite story Goodnight Moon and then he fell right back to sleep.

Hi Ho Hi Ho off to scout camp we go..

Jackson has been enjoying scouts but his favorite part is Cub Country Scout Day Camp. He had so much fun yesterday and came home covered in dirt...I am not kidding he was cover from head to toe! He couldn't wait to go back today and was so excited that he could barely eat his breakfast. Jackson and his bff Jake had matching hats and hip packs....they looked so cute!! He also spent his 2 days allotment of money yesterday at the Trading Post! He came home with an "Indiana Jones" whip *gasp*, a pocket knife, and a bow and arrow set *luckily it has suction cups*. He was so happy that we couldn't be mad at him. We just quickly took away the whip and told him about that care of knifes. We look forward to hearing about todays adventures when he comes home!!

A boy a racket & a little yellow ball...

Ayden started taking tennis lesson this summer and he loves it....he can't wait to be able to "play a real game". He loves to go hit balls with his grandma and daddy.....he has a lot of power for a little guy and we look forward to watching him learn and play!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Diary of the left big toe day 6.....

I feel like I was bitten by a piranha !! So last night was the first night that my toe didn't throb all night, I was starting to think it had it's own heart beat! I am able to walk a little better and the pain has subsided *a little* but it's still there and more noticeable when I sit or lay down from standing or walking. Trying to take a shower has been fun, let me tell ya!! I have left the bandage off over night hoping that would help it dry out and I haven't soaked it either. I just didn't understand the concept because every time I would soak it the scab would be eaten away and it would bleed like crazy, not to mention it hurt really bad. The swelling isn't so bad and the bruising is very slight. I am hoping that I will be able to get around much better next week.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"Blog Hole"

So here we are in the blogging world. How in the heck did we get here? We are already pretty good about keeping up with far away friends and family through email and frequent telephone calls and what in the world would I have to say that would interest anyone? (Don't forget the fact that the basement where the computer is located is FREEZING.) So how did I get sucked into the BLOG HOLE?? A few things happened, and honestly…now I'm a blog addict! First of all, I enjoyed reading my friend Liz’s blog and checking up on my sister Michelle who lives in Virginia while her hubby finished law school at UV. My aversion to long computer sessions has totally vanished. I can blog and ”blog hop” for hours in my basement at night while my son’s sleep *I think I have insomnia* or during the day while Landon plays in the toy room…just as long as I can hear what he was doing. Second of all, I actually enjoyed being able to use some of my creativity and document our daily lives during the week for Ryan (for those of you that don’t know, he works out of state) so he could see what the boys and I were up to. Lately, I have found myself with way more computer time on my hands than normal. I recently started a blog for my book club, crazy I know. Every time I get on the computer I am pulled back into the blogging world, wondering, who has posted something new since yesterday? What new pictures will there be? Who will I link to today that I haven't yet seen? It is all very intriguing to me, and very very addicting. I have loved hearing the updates of my friends and family, the little episodes of their lives that I would otherwise miss. I have laughed out loud, been uplifted and inspired, and have even had tears come to my eyes while reading about YOU! So today while “blog hopping” I found myself feeling like I was kind of spying on people….have you ever felt like that? I try and leave comments on my friends and families blog when I hop in for a visit but I have noticed that it bothers me when my visitors don’t’ leave me comments. Are my posts boring…is nobody interested in our daily lives but me? I have found myself using my blog like a journal, posting my feelings, frustrations and most of all the joys of motherhood with my sons. I have so many other "better" things that I "should" “could” be doing, when really I just want to check out if Liz posts another entry about the joys of adult acne (sorry Liz) and Weighty Wednesday!! Or how my sister Michelle is doing with her first pregnancy…is she sick, tired, and overwhelmed like I was with my first pregnancy?? I know the whole lecture about moderation in all things and I've heard it all and probably said it myself a couple of times, but really, how do you all do it? How do you live in the blogging world and still function in the normal world? I found myself asking my friends and family if they have read my blog, rather that calling and telling them something that happened….my mom found out about my toe on my blog! *whatever*. I still haven't figured out what the “blogging boundaries” are as far as what we “should” post or if anything I have to post would even be slightly interesting, but I figure that maybe, finally I will at least have some kind of “record” to document part of our lives and I know I will feel good about that. I even found a place on line that will make a hardbound book of your blog…got to love that!! Unfortunately for you, it may sometimes be awfully boring, but to bad because here we are! Remember to leave me a comment if you visit *lol*

All sport's ALL the time...

There have been 170 days so far in 2008...just since January 1st we have been to 88 games! Life is busy with 3 boys, to break it down for you that is 21 Jr. Jazz basketball games, 10 soccer games, 10 Lacrosse games, 30 Baseball games, 10 Tennis lessons and 7 swimming lessons *Whew* Not to mention all the practices in between. To say the least we are a very busy bunch! Both Jackson and Ayden played Jr. Jazz basketball. Ayden played soccer while Jackson opted for Lacrosse. They both played baseball, tennis and swimming. Although it's a very busy life it's our life and we have a great time!! We look forward to fall soccer with Ayden and football with Jackson, so if you wounder where we are, you can usually find us at the pool, on the field or on the court!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Somewhere out there............

And even though I know how very far apart we are, it helps to think we might be wishing on the same bright star............

And when the night wind starts to sing a lonesome lullaby, it helps to think we're sleeping underneath the same big sky...........

Monday, June 16, 2008

diary of the left big toe day 2

So it has been 2 very long days with my sore toe. I had to soak it last night in Epsom Salt and can I just say OMG!!! The gauze was stuck to my bloody toe and I didn't know what to do. I cried and soaked it for 30 minutes hoping it would come off but it was staying put. I was in serious pain and Jackson came in and said "you always tell me just to rip band aids off fast so just do that" I guess he was thinking I was such a baby and should have thought of that. So I got brave and ripped it off....HOLY #$%@!!! It bleed and bleed and I was seriously screaming. After about 20 minutes the bleeding slowed and I put on a huge glob of neosporin and bandaged it up. I have never been in so much pain. It throbbed all night. At least with having my children I had something sweet and beautiful to take my mind off the pain but this, I have nothing to look forward to.....I may not even grow a new nail...seriously. Ok, I am done least for today until I have to change my bandage tonight *LOL*!! I decided against posting any more yucky pictures....

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

I'd Pick You

Dad, if all the fathers
Had lined up one by one,
And God told me to pick,
I'd still choose to be your son.
I'm proud to have a father
Who listens and understands,
Who teaches me and sets fair rules
Without unfair demands.
Dad you are my hero,
My role model in all you do.
So Dad, if I could pick again,
You know I'd still pick you!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

You did what???

We had quite an eventful Saturday. Ryan got up at the crack of dawn to go golfing with Jake, Jared and Steve. The boys and I got up and decided to go to the Farmers Market downtown. After a few lemonades *YUMMY* and it getting so crowed we couldn't walk we decided to call it a day. As we were heading home Ryan called and said that we were all going swimming at Jake's mom and dad's house *can I just say their house is AMAZING* The boys thought that was great so we hurried home and loaded all the swim gear into the car *with 3 boys it's a lot, believe me* and head over. We had a great time swimming *I was the mostly the photographer LOL* and the boys loved the diving board. Ryan, Jared and Jake had a "free throw" contest and I am not sure who won, but it was a ball *LOL*!! We had everything loaded into the car ready to head home and looking forward to a nap and then it happened....I honestly don't know exactly how but I slipped and ripped my left big toenail off!!! +*&%$#@!!!! It hurt so bad I thought I was going to pass out!! Ryan and I both had a car there so Liz offered to take me to Instacare *Thank You* and Ryan took our worried boys home. I had to get two shots on either side of my toe to numb the nerves *can I just say that hurt worse than the toenail getting ripped off!!! Thanks Liz for letting me sob and squeeze the He@@ out of your hand *sorry I am a baby*. They removed the nail and cleaned it up all while Liz became my personal photographer documenting the whole ordeal. I am suppose to stay off it for a couple for days but with 3 busy boys we all know that won't happen not to mention that it is Father's Day *UGGGG*. To top it off I had just gotten a pedicure the day before, oh well at least the doctor had cute feet to work on *LOL* Thanks Jared and Courtney, Liz and Jake for calling to check on me :) I did have a great Saturday in despite of the painful mishap and also got a great surprise when I came home...I noticed that my Peonies had bloomed and they haven't bloomed since I transplanted them from our Holladay Home 3 years ago!!! *SMILE*


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Meet our new evening friends....

The Hummingbird

by Harry Kemp

The sunlight speaks. And it's voice is a bird:

It glitters half-guessed half seen half-heard

Above the flower bed. Over the lawn ...

A flashing dip and it is gone.

And all it lends to the eye is this --

A sunbeam giving the air a kiss.

I would like to introduce you to our new evening guests...I put up a hummingbird feeder last weekend *mostly to prove Ryan wrong because he said we didn't have hummingbirds around here* tonight Landon and I sat at our dinning room table and enjoyed the parade of different humming birds whizzing by feeding. It was amazing! It lasted until the sun went down and I enjoyed every minute of watching them, Landon wandered away after 10 minutes. I was so happy that I was able to take some great pictures to share. I look forward to watching the hummingbirds again soon......

Celebrate good times...come on Heugly's!!

We celebrate the end of the Lacrosse season with our good friends the Heugly's. We ate at our favorite Mexican restaurant Baja Catina *Thanks Heugly's* and endured the cold and wind to ride the Alpine Slide and the Alpine Coaster. The coaster kicks butt!! We had a great day in Park City!!

A sunny cold day at the pool....

We enjoyed a quick trip to the pool today with our good friends the Peterson's. Heather and I lathered all the kids with sunscreen *when we went there was sun but it was quickly replaced with rain clouds* and kept our eyes peeled while catching up. Jackson, Ayden and Christian loved jumping off the diving board. Landon floated around in Haley's hippo float while she and Hannah sunbathed. Josh stayed snuggled in a beach towel to keep was a windy day but we had a great time!!

He did it!!!

Jackson did it...he scored at his last lacrosse game!! It was so awesome and it made his day! It was a cold, drizzly and windy day in Park City and we thought the game might be canceled but it was the last game and they played anyway. Landon and Ayden enjoyed the game from the car *LOL*. It was a great game, we played Davis and won by 11. Jackson's Brighton Orange Lacrosse team ended the season UNDEFEATED!!! *Cheer* Jackson was sad that the season was over but ecstatic that he scored. We had so much fun learning lacrosse and watching Jackson play....Great job Jackson!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Tibetan Personality Test...Eye Opening

Grab a paper & on the link, you won't be sorry. Make sure to leave me a comment after to let me know what you think....

"with fronds (friends) like these, who needs anemones (enemies)?"

It's well known that some species of fish on the coral reef have adapted to be able to survive the poisonous sea anemone's sting, which gives them a safe place to hide from predators. What isn't so well known is the story of the single fish that decided to be different. One day he swam away from his protective anemone, in search of some other hiding place. A first, he swam into a small crevice in the rock, but he very quickly swam out of there, chased by an eel. Then he decided he could hide inside a shell, so he found a nice big one that he liked, but had to retreat from the crab that had got there before him. Finally, exhausted, he swam into the coral beds, and hid among the brilliant colored fern-like fronds of the corals. The next day, when he hadn't come back to the anemone, some of the other fish decided to go out and look for him. The hunted everywhere for him, but they couldn't find him. Eventually, just as they had given up, they heard him calling to them. They looked around, but they couldn't see him anywhere - he was perfectly hidden by the coral. Finally, he showed himself, and they tried to persuade him to come back home, but he refused - the coral was too good a hiding place to leave. "After all," he said, "with fronds (friends) like these, who needs anemones (enemies)?"