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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

On to 1st grade!

Ayden's last day of Kindergarten was today and is was bitter sweet. This morning I woke Ayden up and said "Ayden it is your last day of school can you believe it?" he replied "yes, I will be in 1st grade now and eat lunch at school and go to recess" I said "I know I wish you could stay small and be in kindergarten forever, we are going to miss you while you are gone all day" he gave me a funny look and said "mom, I can't because my pants wont fit!" I guess he is right they have to grow up but it is going by way to fast for me. He has had a great year learning how to read, write and making all kinds of friends. I hate to tell him that he and his bff Sammie aren't going to be in that same class next year so I will wait until the start of school draws closer and he can enjoy his summer. My how time flies!!

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