All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. ~Walt Disney

Friday, January 30, 2009

what?? emergency surgery??

I have sometimes found my self having a "pity party" wondering if anyone appreciates the little things I have done for them, if the kindness, love and concern I have shown has been enough to warm their hearts and make a I can say that I am truly blessed with wonderful friends and family who over the past 5 days have reached out to me and offered me their love and support. It is amazing how much a phone call or a visit can so much to you and I am so thankful for each and every one of them this week.
This week seems like a dream....who's life have I been living, oh yeah mine. Monday morning I went in for some tests about my gallbladder. I have been having some pain for a week and a times it was unbearable. After review of my tests I was schedule an appointment with a surgeon at 3:15 PM. I called my mom and she came up to get the boys out of school and watch them until I got home. My brother Christopher came with me to the doctors office and I was shocked that within the first minute of the conversation I was being scheduled for emergency surgery. It seemed so surreal and I think I went into shock. I was in tears and called Ryan in utter panic...he was stuck in Denver in a horrible snow storm and I could hear the despair in his voice when he realized he couldn't make it home to comfort me and the feeling sadness in his tone when he said he loved me and that I would be ok. After hanging up the phone I felt so alone. I called my mom in disbelief hoping she could bring the boys to the hospital before I went in. What if something went wrong, I wanted to see my boys sweet faces. I called my friend Liz for support, she always knows what to say to calm me down...she told me that I would be ok and that she loved me...just hearing her voice me made me feel a little better ~Thanks Liz. As soon as I hung up with Liz, Courtney called letting me know I was going to be ok and that she was praying for me~Thank you so much Courtney. My dad luckily was in Murray and rushed to the hospital and he and Christopher gave me a blessing which brought me some comfort but I was still in shock, was this really happening?? As I was being wheeled to the OR I called my mom so I could talk to my boys, trying not to cry and assured them I was going to be ok and told them how much I loved them, it was very hard. Only about 20 minutes had past since I was told that I was going in for surgery and I was taken into the bright, white, cold OR with lots a unfamiliar faces buzzing around and am overwhelming fear came over me..I was scared not in shock, scared. I laid there as I was prepared for surgery with my eyes closed sobbing thinking about my sons and asking Heavenly Father to watch over me and my family and bring comfort to Ryan. I remembered all the encouraging words and I love yous that took place just minutes before and suddenly felt at peace....I wasn't alone. The doctor leaned over me and said "Renee you are going to start feeling a sting" and that was that.......

I don't remember anything until about 8 that night, Ryan said I talked to him shortly after the surgery but I don't remember. I just remember thinking "I made it" I know it's silly but the concept of surgery terrified me. I couldn't sleep at all in the hospital and the pain pills made me sick. I was thankful to hear from many of friends and family. My mom, sister and brother dropped everything to stay at my house to take care of me and my sons~Thank you I don't know what I would have done without you!! My mom brought the boys to see me in the hospital Tuesday afternoon and it made my day, I immediately felt better!! Landon was afraid of me but quickly warmed up and climbed up on the bed and hugged me. I wanted to hug them forever and was so happy when the doctor decided to let me go home :) Over the next 5 days, many friends I haven't spoken to in months called to offer anything that would help and to let me know that I was in their prayers. I want to say thank you for all the dinners (some sent from across the valley, thank you John and Heather), flowers, many many phone calls, comfy socks ;) text messages, visits and has meant more to me than you will know.

With Ryan now home and my air bubbles subsiding (thank goodness) I look forward to a speedy recovery and getting back to my busy life. I am so very thankful for my family and friends and appreciate all of you that have reached out to me this week. Life gets crazy and complicated but it warmed my heart to hear I was in your thoughts and prayers. My new moto lately has been Memories, remember the best, forget the rest...I will be forgetting the surgery but remembering all your love, support and blessings :) Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

free photo valentines....

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Happy Valentines Day xoxo~Renee

Friday, January 23, 2009

"tired" of homework...

Wednesday night I was helping Jackson finish up the last details on his book report downstairs. I had asked Ayden to go start on his homework in the kitchen and told him is he needed help to come get me. He always has 2 or 3 pages a night, a lot for a 1st grader and his After about 30 minutes I went upstairs to find Ayden sound asleep on the counter.....I guess he is "tired" of all the homework too *lol*

daddy's shadow....

I have noticed the past couple of months that Landon has gotten quite attached to his daddy. With Ryan being home for 2 weeks for Thanksgiving and 3 weeks for Christmas the time Ryan has been gone has been hard on the boys but especially for Landon. Maybe it's because he is older and now understands and feels Ryan's absence during the week. I find him asking "where's my daddy??" and answering himself "he's at work" or crying for him at bedtime or when he is in trouble more than he use to. He is always so excited when Ryan comes home and he can't wait for their many adventures during playtime or for their quite time together reading his favorite books. You know you are missed when you come home and your son jumps into your arms, hugs you will all his might with a peaceful smile on his always makes me smile and bring tears into my eyes. Ryan, Thank you for all you do for us each and every hour of the day. We all love you sooooo much!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

freebie of the day......

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


So Monday night I was woken up by a sharp strange pain in my right shoulder. Soon after the pain radiated to my back and upper was horrible. The pain was so intense and heavy that I thought that I was having a heart attack! Through the pain I remembered the slight similar pain I had while pregnant with Landon...OMG I was having a Gallstones attack! 6 long awful hours later it began to subside and I was completely worn out. I still feel like I did a million sit ups and back presses my mussels are so sore. Today I am doing a Gallbladder cleanse with consists of nothing but tomatoes (juice and stewed) for 24 I am feeling much like the picture *lol* Hopeful I can avoid any further attacks and *gulp* surgery. So there will no lunch dates for me unless you know of a tomato bar in town....*lol*

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

free bakeware.....

Who doesn't love free stuff...yes, it's free bake ware (and some other trinkets) and if you purchase $25.00 or more your shipping is on the cookie sheet below..Happy shopping!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

it's that time.....

Jackson had his first Lacrosse practice tonight and he was so excited. He will be on the Brighton Bengals "Lightning" Lacrosse team and he is looking forward to playing in the spring. We also got some great news after practice.....they are going to have a "Storm" team for Ayden's age and he will be able to play too!! He was so excited when I told him and he looks forward with a bit of apprehension to practicing and learning the game. We look forward to cheering them both on!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

family game night...

Since Christmas we have been playing a lot of broad games and it has been really fun. Our family game night's have turned into a regular activity now that the boys are older and can understand the rules and play for hours. Our favorites have been Domino's; Mexican Train, Life, Monopoly, Sorry, and Scene it. Landon still feels a bit left out and snatches the dice when ever he gets a chance. We just got Apples to Apples (what a fun game) and look forward to having our friends over soon for a game night!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

24 hours and counting.....

We are saying goodbye to bottles....goodbye to finding lost smelly rotten bottles, leaking nipples, washing and sterilizing, filling them 3 times a night, bottle mini panic attacks and breakdowns....
goodbye to it all! Slowly but surely our "baby" is growing up and this little triumph was easier that I expected it to be. Landon has only asked once for a bottle and when I said they were gone, he just asked for his Thomas melt down and no tears!! Last night he asked for a "drink" I was amazed...I expected it to a huge struggle but he is handling the transition great and he ate real solid food yesterday.....why didn't I do this months ago???? *lol* So if anyone needs bottles we have some to spare...yeah Landon!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Monday, January 12, 2009

favorite Christmas memories...

It seems like Christmas came and went so fast this year but we have some wonderful memories.....

Friday, January 9, 2009


Thanks to my bff Liz I took a class on how to save $$$ on your monthly grocery bill and Last night I went grocery shopping with Liz and her cute wonderfully helpful sister Katie (Thank you Katie) and came home truly amazed...why you say??? Take a minute to look at the picture and try to guess what it cost....ok, are you ready for this.....I only paid $41.46 for $176.73 worth of grocery's!!!! My secret.... using coupons and the stores great sales. Yesterday I printed on-line coupons and browsed the Albertson's ad and made a grocery list on the website To be honest it was a little frustrating navigating my way through uncharted territory not knowing what I was doing and registering with all the manufactures but in the end it was well worth it and will be even more productive when I compile coupons from Sunday's paper and get more comfortable with the system. It is also a gret way to help you build up you food storage which is something that was on my goal list for 2009. Liz and I plan to go shopping together for support *let's be honest it's just more fun to do together* every week and I am excited to see how much I can cut from of monthly grocery bill. I am already looking forward to getting Sunday's paper.....Here's to the savings!!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What is your definition of beauty??

I posted this about 8 months ago and have been thinking alot about the subject latly so decided to re-post it...

Beauty, they say, is in the eye of the beholder. Is that true? Then why do most of us tend to think of "beautiful" women being only those that are tall, thin, young, big breasted, with full lips, high cheek bones, large eyes and flowing long hair? Here is a video clip that I stumbled across that I found very profound and truly eye opening....
I have a bad habit of comparing myself with other women. After having 3 beautiful children, I am no longer the cute skinny bubbly twenty something that I once was. I've had to learn to be secure in who I am today. I may not be content with my outside appearance but I would never go back to the girl I once was….I have grown on the inside and I am happy with who god has made me. To me, a beautiful person is kind and sincere. A person who believes in thinking before talking, who believes in treating others as they want to be treated. To me, true beauty is not about HOW a person looks; but how they carry themselves and how they treat others. To me, a beautiful person has morals, is humble and respectful and genuinely cares about other people. What is beauty? True Beauty to me it has nothing to do with your physical appearance…It’s what's found on the inside, what's in your heart.