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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


So Monday night I was woken up by a sharp strange pain in my right shoulder. Soon after the pain radiated to my back and upper was horrible. The pain was so intense and heavy that I thought that I was having a heart attack! Through the pain I remembered the slight similar pain I had while pregnant with Landon...OMG I was having a Gallstones attack! 6 long awful hours later it began to subside and I was completely worn out. I still feel like I did a million sit ups and back presses my mussels are so sore. Today I am doing a Gallbladder cleanse with consists of nothing but tomatoes (juice and stewed) for 24 I am feeling much like the picture *lol* Hopeful I can avoid any further attacks and *gulp* surgery. So there will no lunch dates for me unless you know of a tomato bar in town....*lol*

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geislers said...

Well, when you are not drinking tomatoes lets do lunch! Glad you are doing better. Does not sound like fun! See ya Saturday!