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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Last but definatly not least Landon

It wouldn't be fun if it wasn't messy! As you can see Landon is our very very curios, messy boy. He loves anything gooey! He has been a handful since conception! He is or very impatient, loud and demanding 2 year old. We love him so much! As you know, he came into this life struggling so we try to give him a break but are you kidding me....If he goes anywhere he runs, jumps and screams. He is all boy! He love to sing and dance. He loves Blues Clues and is the first to show you exactly where the clues are. He also loves everything Elmo! I can't imagine my life without him and think life would be rather dull if I didn't have to clean up his many curious messes! Landon also talks 100 miles per hour and I have a hard time keeping up! He recently learned how to open the refrigerator and pantry :o all I can say is "Here comes trouble!"


Ayden is my big helper. He recently helped Landon with a bath. He told me "mom I can do it!" and proceeded to wash Landon's hair, rinse him off, dry him off, put lotion on him, diaper him, and dress him! I was amazed. Ayden is in Kindergarten and loves to go to school to see his best friend Sammy. I secretly think that is the only reason he goes ;). He is not a morning person :o He plays soccer and baseball. he likes to keep up with his older brother Jackson and can't wait to play football! Ayden is our little entertainer, he loves to sing and dance. He also loves to help me in the kitchen doing dishes, cooking or cleaning up. He is looking forward to being out of school for the summer so he can "play all day and night".


Jackson is our sports fanatic. He plays everything; football, baseball, soccer, tennis, swimming, golf, basketball and now lacrosse! He likes everything so he has a hard time deciding what to play next. His football team won the championship this past fall and he asks everyday when he'll be able to play again. He is doing great at school and is in a 3rd/4th split class and loves his teacher Miss. Crocker. He won 3rd place in school for Reflections. He entered a beautiful picture he took of a Rainbow! He was baptized by his dad on August 27th! He is a wonderful example to everyone and loves his little brothers. He is very tender hearted and cares about everyone. He could eat pizza every night of the week if it was up to him. Jackson misses his dad a lot during the week and wrote Ryan a wonderful letter for his birthday in January. He is very excited about the birth of his new cousin Cohen Andre and "Can't wait for him to get big so he can play basketball"! We look forward to him playing Lacrosse and cheering him on......


Well, what can I say I am a sleep deprived mom of 3 wonderful, energetic boys! I recently accepted a calling to be the primary secretary. On more thing on my list of "TO DO'S". I am very excited to get to know the children in our ward. I love attending all my son's games and volunteer in their classes as much as I can. I hate to admit it but I am a reality TV junkie. I love American Idol, and all the others. I tape them and watch them at night when I fold my laundry, put away toys and mop my floors. It's my peace of mind :). I am still hooked on Days of Our Lives too...watching it for 25 years now, boy that just aged me! I am thankful for all my family and good friends that keep me sane during the week. Thanks Liz for getting me going on this little venture! One more thing to keep me up at night ;).


As most of you know, Ryan has been working in California for the past 2 years. He recently accepted a position in Sacramento with Sutter Health and will now be based there instead of the beautiful bay area. We all look forward to exploring the area on our annual trip to the coast. It has been quit an adjustment for our family having him gone during the week. The boys miss him terribly and he swears that they change while he is gone. We all appreciate the sacrifice he makes so that I can stay home with our wonderful boys!