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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Last but definatly not least Landon

It wouldn't be fun if it wasn't messy! As you can see Landon is our very very curios, messy boy. He loves anything gooey! He has been a handful since conception! He is or very impatient, loud and demanding 2 year old. We love him so much! As you know, he came into this life struggling so we try to give him a break but are you kidding me....If he goes anywhere he runs, jumps and screams. He is all boy! He love to sing and dance. He loves Blues Clues and is the first to show you exactly where the clues are. He also loves everything Elmo! I can't imagine my life without him and think life would be rather dull if I didn't have to clean up his many curious messes! Landon also talks 100 miles per hour and I have a hard time keeping up! He recently learned how to open the refrigerator and pantry :o all I can say is "Here comes trouble!"

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