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Monday, March 3, 2008

Ayden At Sea...

Ayden was very apprehensive about going on the cruise without his daddy and little brother, but he had a lot of fun!! His favorite time of day was going to our cabin at night to see what towel animal they had left for us! He had tons of fun dressing as a pirate and sailing the Caribbean! He played until his tiny body couldn't go anymore and he sometimes fell fast asleep on the deck! He loved getting buried in the sand, jumping waves and drinking coconut juice right out of the coconut! He was afraid of going to deep in the ocean because of the fish so he stayed in shallow water were he could quickly scamper out. He missed his daddy and little brother so much and remember them in his prayers every night. He missed his best friend Sammie and asked "how many days is it now till we go home so I can play with Sammie?" about a hundred times. he loved swimming and playing shuffle board and eating in the Blue Lagoon Cafe. He had a great trip but is "so excited to be at his own home"!

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