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Sunday, March 9, 2008

That's How I Roll....

That's How I roll; What someone would say to insinuate that it was their style, or that it was the way they usually do things. As many of you know, or don't Ryan has 3 vises; athletic shoes (mostly bought for the boys), t-shirts and cars (but we won't talk about that). While on our cruise we had a good time finding clever tee's for him. Jackson choose the best one that was totally fit Ryan. It was a Tommy Bahama that had a "blinged" golf cart on the back with the saying below "That's How I Roll". So Funny! Ryan recently started his own consulting company. He named it Zofo Consulting, LLC. Can anyone guess where that came from? If not, don't be ashamed he had to tell me. Very clever in my opinion. Ryan is adjusting to life at his new job. He is now home all day Sunday. The boys really like having their dad home. Ryan and Landon bonded while we were on our cruise. Landon wandered around last week looking for his dad. Landon even cried for him when I put him in time out. We all appreciate his sacrifice to commute to work each week and enjoy all the time we spend together as a family.

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