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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

All sport's ALL the time...

There have been 170 days so far in 2008...just since January 1st we have been to 88 games! Life is busy with 3 boys, to break it down for you that is 21 Jr. Jazz basketball games, 10 soccer games, 10 Lacrosse games, 30 Baseball games, 10 Tennis lessons and 7 swimming lessons *Whew* Not to mention all the practices in between. To say the least we are a very busy bunch! Both Jackson and Ayden played Jr. Jazz basketball. Ayden played soccer while Jackson opted for Lacrosse. They both played baseball, tennis and swimming. Although it's a very busy life it's our life and we have a great time!! We look forward to fall soccer with Ayden and football with Jackson, so if you wounder where we are, you can usually find us at the pool, on the field or on the court!!

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