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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"Blog Hole"

So here we are in the blogging world. How in the heck did we get here? We are already pretty good about keeping up with far away friends and family through email and frequent telephone calls and what in the world would I have to say that would interest anyone? (Don't forget the fact that the basement where the computer is located is FREEZING.) So how did I get sucked into the BLOG HOLE?? A few things happened, and honestly…now I'm a blog addict! First of all, I enjoyed reading my friend Liz’s blog and checking up on my sister Michelle who lives in Virginia while her hubby finished law school at UV. My aversion to long computer sessions has totally vanished. I can blog and ”blog hop” for hours in my basement at night while my son’s sleep *I think I have insomnia* or during the day while Landon plays in the toy room…just as long as I can hear what he was doing. Second of all, I actually enjoyed being able to use some of my creativity and document our daily lives during the week for Ryan (for those of you that don’t know, he works out of state) so he could see what the boys and I were up to. Lately, I have found myself with way more computer time on my hands than normal. I recently started a blog for my book club, crazy I know. Every time I get on the computer I am pulled back into the blogging world, wondering, who has posted something new since yesterday? What new pictures will there be? Who will I link to today that I haven't yet seen? It is all very intriguing to me, and very very addicting. I have loved hearing the updates of my friends and family, the little episodes of their lives that I would otherwise miss. I have laughed out loud, been uplifted and inspired, and have even had tears come to my eyes while reading about YOU! So today while “blog hopping” I found myself feeling like I was kind of spying on people….have you ever felt like that? I try and leave comments on my friends and families blog when I hop in for a visit but I have noticed that it bothers me when my visitors don’t’ leave me comments. Are my posts boring…is nobody interested in our daily lives but me? I have found myself using my blog like a journal, posting my feelings, frustrations and most of all the joys of motherhood with my sons. I have so many other "better" things that I "should" “could” be doing, when really I just want to check out if Liz posts another entry about the joys of adult acne (sorry Liz) and Weighty Wednesday!! Or how my sister Michelle is doing with her first pregnancy…is she sick, tired, and overwhelmed like I was with my first pregnancy?? I know the whole lecture about moderation in all things and I've heard it all and probably said it myself a couple of times, but really, how do you all do it? How do you live in the blogging world and still function in the normal world? I found myself asking my friends and family if they have read my blog, rather that calling and telling them something that happened….my mom found out about my toe on my blog! *whatever*. I still haven't figured out what the “blogging boundaries” are as far as what we “should” post or if anything I have to post would even be slightly interesting, but I figure that maybe, finally I will at least have some kind of “record” to document part of our lives and I know I will feel good about that. I even found a place on line that will make a hardbound book of your blog…got to love that!! Unfortunately for you, it may sometimes be awfully boring, but to bad because here we are! Remember to leave me a comment if you visit *lol*


becausethesunrises said...

I love looking at your blog! I check it every day to see whats going on in your guys lives!!! I really miss you guys! I know i don't post enough, I'll try and do better on that! We should do something when your toe feels better. I hope it will heal very soon! love ya!!!!:)
Call if you ever need anything!!!
I'd love that!
Love Chanelle;)XoXo

Liz and Jake said...

O.K. I know this post is for me...I check your blog every day but usually am doing it as I am running out the door, or soooo tired!! I am horrible at leaving comments and you always leave the sweetest messages on mine!! HORRIBLE FRIEND...I know!

I will totally make it up to you...How about a salad from Bajio and a diet coke?? LOL

Love ya and hope your toe starts to feel better soon...Seriously take it easy...sit still for a few minutes...would you!!!

The Olson Family said...


You know I love you and I am so excited that you are now on the blogging world! I have been begging you to do it probably since we started in 2004! Last summer I was like that, totally in to what ever evryone else was doing. It works in waves I think.
I know about your big toe, I feel bad about it! I just have a really bad aversion to blood and injuries being pregnant. I think I've always been like this but some how pregnancy has made it worse. I actually had Gregory tell me about it so I didn't have to see the pictures... Sorry!

In the blogging world there seems to definitly be a blogging etiquette.
I feel like people don't ever check my hard work too sometimes.

Did you ever get the jerseys?


Emily said...

Renee, I love you to death and I love your blog! I agree it's fun to share in our loved ones lives! I love to see the pics of your cute boys and their games etc. Because in real life I'm never going to be able to make it to watch their games because I have me own kids games so it's fun to watch and support our friends and loved ones in this way. I love the blogger world...I have re-connected with so many of my old friends that I never would have other wise. I think it's a great way to stay "connected." I've never found you blog borring---duh! j/k. I'm glad we hung out yesterday for a bit it was fun and made my day less of a bore for sure. I'll talk to you later...gotta run...

The Cundick 5 said...

OMG! Ask and you shall receive...thanks for all the great comments!! This post was not directed at anyone just a rambling of my thoughts when I get sucked into the "blog hole". I seriously get "lost" sometimes and forget about my life and responsibilities in the real world. But it is a fun past time and I have really enjoyed it.