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Saturday, June 14, 2008

You did what???

We had quite an eventful Saturday. Ryan got up at the crack of dawn to go golfing with Jake, Jared and Steve. The boys and I got up and decided to go to the Farmers Market downtown. After a few lemonades *YUMMY* and it getting so crowed we couldn't walk we decided to call it a day. As we were heading home Ryan called and said that we were all going swimming at Jake's mom and dad's house *can I just say their house is AMAZING* The boys thought that was great so we hurried home and loaded all the swim gear into the car *with 3 boys it's a lot, believe me* and head over. We had a great time swimming *I was the mostly the photographer LOL* and the boys loved the diving board. Ryan, Jared and Jake had a "free throw" contest and I am not sure who won, but it was a ball *LOL*!! We had everything loaded into the car ready to head home and looking forward to a nap and then it happened....I honestly don't know exactly how but I slipped and ripped my left big toenail off!!! +*&%$#@!!!! It hurt so bad I thought I was going to pass out!! Ryan and I both had a car there so Liz offered to take me to Instacare *Thank You* and Ryan took our worried boys home. I had to get two shots on either side of my toe to numb the nerves *can I just say that hurt worse than the toenail getting ripped off!!! Thanks Liz for letting me sob and squeeze the He@@ out of your hand *sorry I am a baby*. They removed the nail and cleaned it up all while Liz became my personal photographer documenting the whole ordeal. I am suppose to stay off it for a couple for days but with 3 busy boys we all know that won't happen not to mention that it is Father's Day *UGGGG*. To top it off I had just gotten a pedicure the day before, oh well at least the doctor had cute feet to work on *LOL* Thanks Jared and Courtney, Liz and Jake for calling to check on me :) I did have a great Saturday in despite of the painful mishap and also got a great surprise when I came home...I noticed that my Peonies had bloomed and they haven't bloomed since I transplanted them from our Holladay Home 3 years ago!!! *SMILE*



Heather said...

So Sorry to read about your sore toe. Hope you are feeling better. Tell Ryan Happy Father's Day!! much love.

Emily said...

oh my freak! That looks so painful, i have done that before actually and it really hurts bad! so sorry, i hope you feel better me if you need anything!