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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hi Ho Hi Ho off to scout camp we go..

Jackson has been enjoying scouts but his favorite part is Cub Country Scout Day Camp. He had so much fun yesterday and came home covered in dirt...I am not kidding he was cover from head to toe! He couldn't wait to go back today and was so excited that he could barely eat his breakfast. Jackson and his bff Jake had matching hats and hip packs....they looked so cute!! He also spent his 2 days allotment of money yesterday at the Trading Post! He came home with an "Indiana Jones" whip *gasp*, a pocket knife, and a bow and arrow set *luckily it has suction cups*. He was so happy that we couldn't be mad at him. We just quickly took away the whip and told him about that care of knifes. We look forward to hearing about todays adventures when he comes home!!

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