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Saturday, June 13, 2009

the dentist

The boys all went to the dentist last week for their semi annual check ups. We love our dentist Dr. Chester Smyth he is so great with children.....even our little fuzzy Landon. Jackson and Landon had perfect teeth, no cavities!! Ayden on the other hand had a bit of a problem.... Ayden's baby teeth don't dissolve so his permanent teeth on the bottom came in behind his baby teeth. He had to get his two bottom teeth extracted, he was a real trooper *it helps to have the root beer smelling calming gas* He was so excited to have the tooth fairy come and liked his new nick name...he is our little Shark Tooth...not bad company with Taylor Lautner but that's a post for another time ;)

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geislers said...

Same thing happened to Gabe. We are hoping that is front teeth fall out soon! They have been loose for 2 months or more!