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Monday, February 15, 2010

letter from Christopher :)

Hola Renee and familia!

How are you!? I am great here! we are having a lot of success in the youth here in chile. We are goign to baptize a group of 8 friends the 28th. its awesome! This coming sunday we are going to baptize a young mother in the ocean and a little boy that just accedentally found us an told us that he wanted to get baptzed. I am safe and well. we found out that there was a deadly scorpion infestation in out house so we have to move again. Crazy! I am glad to hear that everything is good over there in utah. All except for eat a burger. I'll miss that place.

Thank you so much for the valentine package. I spent the day without a valentine. Thats ok haha. I loved the stickers. The little boy that's getting baptized this sunday loves them. This sunday we are going to do sharing time with them. I love it when you send me things but I hate telling you what I need. I need socks and maybe you can help mom with my ipod and camera. Other than that I love the cookies that you make.

I love you so much hermana. Thank you so much for everything and especially for your love and prayers. I can tell you that this time in my mission is the best time ever, but at the same time the worst. there are a lot of trials here and satan is really trying to get us and get us down. But because of your prayers and love and more than anything the love of God, I am thriving here. I love you. I have to go. Say your prayers and send my love to the boys. Give em a big hug!

Elder Christopher Mogan

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