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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


King of the World!!
Priceless SMILE!!
Head over Heels!!

The end of July we spent the day up at Snowbird. We rode the tram up to Kings Peak and hiked down, it was awesome. At the top you could see the valley and it was so high up that it made me sick. I was constantly nervous telling the boys to stay away from the edge, I hate being afraid of heights :( We also went on the alpine slide, did the bungee trampoline (which everyone loved), the mechanical bull and the ropes course. Ryan and Jackson did the zip line, it was so much fun. Ryan and Jackson want to go back and ride the digger dirt scooters down the mountain but I think they'll have to wait until Jackson's a little older ;) It was a perfect day and we are so lucky to live so close to the beautiful Wasatch Mountains.

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becausethesunrises said...

You guys are so GORGEOUS!!! You should take proofs of these photos and sell them to SnowBird for their spring ad campaign!!!!