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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"And a little child shall lead them..."

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I just watched Ayden - I'm assuming your son - and as it was written, "And a little child shall lead them..."

My heart is full right now, my eyes are swollen and it is hard to see. I sit typing to someone I don't even know but I can tell you a secret - there are no accidents - The Savior knew all of this and through God's plan of Happiness every finite detail of all our lives are as one picture before Him.

I was married in the Manti temple. We have two sons, both Eagle Scouts, both served honorable missions. My oldest graduated from from BYU last December with a Bachelor's in Psychology. I sat in a sealing room in the San Diego Temple and watched him marry his sweetheart, they now have a 7 month old beautiful little girl named Lily.

They came to live with my wife and me in our "retirement" home in the mountains of Colorado, they lived on the first level.

His wife, yet a sweetheart, had a rough childhood. Somehow and for some reason she and I just didn't get along. It resulted in their moving out. They went to her family in Mo., St. Louis, and he now works at Wal- Mart......

A couple months ago my beloved eternal companion announced that she had become disenchanted with "everything" and one day while I was at Church she and some friends backed a U-Haul type truck up to our house and in the 3 hours I was gone she cleaned out the house. She quit her job as a banker and went to out bishop to tell him she was leaving. That is all he could tell me.

I could not work, need oxygen at night to sleep, and was left with only a few pieces of furniture. I hired a property management firm to lease our home and I packed what few things I had left and came to Utah. I have a friend here that I've known for 28 years. He gave me a room in his basement where I'm typing these words now.

I went to the temple (Jordan River) last week and did a couple sessions to take a couple family file names through for my friends friends here. It was wonderful yet very lonely.

Today I had hoped to hear from my oldest and my youngest sons, my youngest is still in school at BYU, and nothing. No calls, no emails, nothing. Mothers can have amazing influence I guess and as I sat in my bishops office here today just to vent a little my only response was "I just don't know why??" What have I done? What have I not done to cause this to happen? My wife and I were ordinance workers in the Denver Temple until just recently. There is no explanation. The one good thing that the Lord has blessed me to know for a certainty in my heart and soul is that this has nothing to do with moral issues - for whatever reason my wife just "needs space..."

I do so pray that this is not the tip of the iceberg for many like me. After this happened I had two friends - one is a high council member - tell me without mentioning names that they know of two other situations very similar to this. One sister one day just got up and walked out leaving little children and her husband, a temple marriage, and went to Ecuador where she lived in a hut I'm told out near the jungle for several months all by herself. Then one day she just showed up at the door and her husband opened his arms and welcomed her back.

With me, I'm having to lease our home and that will be for a minimum of one year.

It is indeed the eleventh hour of the last days and as has been prophesied, "Satan will tempt and if possible draw away even the very elect..."

Be thankful for Ayden, families are forever, even if this life gapes wide the very mouth of Hell wide open in front of you, the Lord will never abandon those who love Him and follow His commandments.

Thank you for letting me vent - to someone I don't even know, but it feels right. The Lord knows all and I can testify that there are no accidents, nor is the pre-destination. His hand is in all our lives in ways we cannot imagine now but someday, someway, all will be made better and the bad turned to our good for those who are faithful.

My name is Ken, and it is hoped by me that there is someone special in your life who deserves a hug for Father's Day......

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