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Monday, February 20, 2012

Target Practice!!

I have lots of little nephews who are taking on the big adventure of potty training!! Having 3 boys I found that it’s not always fun (or even easy) to potty train boys, but it does make for some interesting memories *LOL*

My boys are all boy and what boy doesn't love a little target practice. When toilet training my boys I made a little target practice game out of Froot Loops!! Try not to keep them "playing" for a long time becomes it will become all game and no potty training. End each target practice with "ending game" rules... snapping their pants, wiping any dribbles on the rim, closing the toilet and washing their hands.  I found that within a couple of weeks they had it mastered and it became easier with each child.  Being a boy is fun, so why not let them have a little boy's only fun with potty training? It will make your life much easier and your little man will love to see the look on his face when he’s beaming with his accomplishment.  Good Luck!!

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