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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Valentine's Day

with all the snow Saturday it was the perfect day to work on the boys Valentines and Valentine boxes for school!! They turned out super cute and we had so much fun putting them together :) The boys can't wait to fill their Minions with Valentines and hand out Valentine's to their classmates!!
I got the cute Star Wars Valentine printable at and the light sabers on Amazon :)
The Crazy Straws I got at Walmart in the party section and you can download the Crazy Straw & Donut Valentine Printable here on my 4Shared :)


Jaime Pamatot said...

for the minions, did you use an oatmeal container? and how did you make the legs and arms?

The Cundick Family said...

I used two large 12 inch round boxes taped together in the middle with duct tape inside and out. It was covered with yellow felt attached with scotch spray adhesive and then I added all rest of the details :) The arms and leg are just tubes of felt attached with a glue gun :)