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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Amazing and you can see it live....
The Address is
12 Denali Drive, Lindon, Utah
Click Here for a google map.

The Lights run from 5pm to 10pm Sunday through Thursday & 5pm to 11pm Friday & Saturday.

Basically turn off from State Street in Orem on 2000 North heading East. This is the border road between Orem & Lindon. You will see Allens Grocery Store and Kneaders Bakery. Turn East on 2000 North and head towards the base of the mountain for 1.8 miles going up hill. After going straight on 2000 North for 1.8 miles you will see "Dry Canyon Drive" on your left before 2000 North starts turning to the right. Following "Dry Canyon Drive" passing the first road on your left and turn at the 2nd road on your left. You will run right into the display.

There is a very good chance you will see the display as you are driving up 2000 North.

They also have website that is awesome..If you went to the Festival of Trees this year you saw their masterpiece, this is Jackson and Ayden with their tree..It was AWESOME!!


Liz and Jake said...

SO...Let's GO!! Hello we're single this week so let's pack the kids in the car and make a night of it! We can grab some salted carmel hot chocolate on our way! LOL My treat!

becausethesunrises said...

Check our my video of this tree on my blog!!! Love Your Cuteness!!!!!!