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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Crafts..

On Monday Liz and I went to Jackson's and Christian's class to be "Mrs. Fun"....Liz saw this darling idea of making a Christmas Tree card out of a hand print and they turned out so cute! I will be making them with my other boys this weekend. It is really easy you just get a piece of card stock and fold it in half, using a sponge put green paint on your child's hand and press it firmly on the paper with the card opening to the right....let it dry then add a gold or silver star to the top and a brown rectangle on the bottom for the trunk. We added a cute ribbon to the side and each child added a their own special message to their chosen family member or friend. They are soooo CUTE!!

Ayden made this darling Christmas Tree in his class using a sugar cone, green frosting and holiday candies....he did a great job and can't wait to show his dad :)

Great Job boys!!

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Lisa said...

Easy and Cute! What more could you want in a Christmas Craft? Thanks! Ooooh and thanks for the fabulous Christmas card! I love it!