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Saturday, August 29, 2009


Last night at football Landon was playing with his friends when suddenly he stared screaming "it stung me, it stung me!" I hurried over to him looking for what he was talking about...then I saw it :o a stinger inside the top of his ear. I had to pin him down while another mom on our team Stephanie who is a nurse pulled the stinger out...Thank you :) Another mom on our team Tona jumped in her car to go get Benadryl...Thank you :) Grandma rubbed mud on the sting to try to take some of the pain away and grandpa and I tried to sooth him, unsuccessfully. Landon cried for a good 20 minutes until the Benadryl and Motrin started to kick in. The swelling has gone down and he is feeling better but his memory is still vivid....he is now terrified of bee's and anything with wings that he sees is a bee coming to sting him :( Poor little guy!


Chanelle said...

Oh my goodness! Thats crazy! I hope you are feeling better Landon!

Our family chaos said...

I remember that practice well. i felt so bad for him. What a painful place to be stung! Poor guy.