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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

football 2009

Last night was the official end to Jackson's 2009 football season. His team was in a 3 way tie with Alta and Riverton and had to play a a tie breaker with our disappointment we didn't advance to the playoffs :( Despite his knee injury, Jackson finished the season with 14 Touchdowns...AMAZING!! His team finished the season 6 - 3 and had a fantastic season. Ryan had a blast coaching, getting to spend time with Jackson and getting to know all the boys on the team. Jackson started the season at 61 pounds and finished weighing in last night at 58?? I guess his light weight makes him extra speedy!! He had a great time playing this year and we are hoping that he will play next year but he says that he wants to focus on Lacrosse so we will just have to wait and see. We want to thank everyone that came out to support Jackson this season, it was so fun to have extra cheerleaders on the sideline :) We are so very proud of Jackson for being so humble, being such a good example and playing through his knee pain not wanting to let his dad, coaches or team down. Jackson is so much fun to watch and we are so blessed that he is our son. Get ready because Jackson doesn't sit still for long...Jr. Jazz starts in 2 weeks so come and cheer him on with us!! We love you Jackson and way to go Bengals!!

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