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Saturday, November 14, 2009

ornaments for Christopher

With Christmas just around the corner, my cute sil Natalie and I got to work on hand painting family Christmas ornaments for our brother Christopher who is on his mission in Concepcion, Chile. We spent the week painting an ornamnet for each family member and they all turned out really cute!! The hard part was finding small pictures of everyone to put in them. I am sure he will love them and I look froward to the long wait of his package finally arriving in Chile in about 5 weeks! We all miss Christopher so much but are so thankful that he is serving a mission for the example he is to all of us!! We look forward to him returning home in 18 months!!


Chanelle said...

Wow!!!! Those are so totally adorable!!!! You and Natalie did such an awesome job!!! Sorry mom and I weren't able to help you. Thanks for doing this. I know he will LOVE them:)
Love you!!! said...

Thank you Renee and Natalie, Christopher will love these. How precious they turned out!!!