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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Happy 4th Birthday Landon!!

I can't believe baby is 4, yes 4!! It seems like yesterday that Landon was born or maybe I just remember it so well because it was so traumatic... Landon is one of a kind and I am so blessed *most days* that he is mine. Landon was due on Christmas Day but due to an emergency c-section he arrived a little early. Landon spent his first Christmas in the NICU at PCMC and took his first ride on an airplane when he was 3 hours old. We were all so happy when he came home and completed our little family. Landon is curios, outspoken, stubborn and LOUD very loud. A couple of weeks ago I told him to use his inside voice and stop screaming all the time he quickly replied with a smile "mom, them you wouldn't ever be able to hear me because I am the smallest" looks like he's got it all figured out. Landon is so lucky to have 2 older brother that adore him and that teach him everything. He can't wait to play sports like his brothers. He developed a very special bond with his daddy during the summer while Ryan was lucky enough to work form home and misses his daddy so much while he is gone. Landon loves to play Sorry with his daddy and will ONLY play it when he is at home to play. I asked him one day if he wanted to play and he said "mom, that's daddy's game" :) He always has it ready to go when Ryan walks in the door. Landon has grown up so fast and is no longer my baby. He has wanted to be 4 for a very long time. I don't know why 4 but he has been counting down and asking us when he will be 4 for as long as he was able to talk and knew about birthday's. I know he will love being 4 and I hope this will be his best year yet! We are all so blessed to have Landon in our family :)

4 things about Landon

1. He LOVES chocolate milk *it's pretty much all he eats*
2. He LOVES to play Sorry with his daddy
3. He LOVES to cuddle at night when he is tired *the rest of the time he is way to busy*
4. He has a smile that can make you forget why you were mad at him ;)

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Chanelle said...

Wow! I was crying during that video! I can't believe it's been four years!
We love you sooooooo much Landon!!!