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Sunday, December 27, 2009

stitches for Christmas

If you know Jackson, you know he likes no LOVES dill pickles. He goes through a large bulk jar about every week! Yesterday when I went to the store he reminded me that we were out so I picked some up. When I got home Jackson was helping me bring in the groceries and it seemed like slow motion.... the pickle jar slipped out of the plastic bag and Jackson slipped trying to catch the jar and the jar shattered on the tile stairs in our mud room and Jackson put his arms out to catch himself, right onto the broken jar! It sliced open his left hand, he began to scream and I am sure the vinegar in the pickle juice didn't help. I saw how deep the cut was, grabbed a towel to wrap around it and swooped him up in a blanket and rush to the ER. On the way Jackson passed out either from screaming or all the was horrible. He was so worried about not being able to golf, play football, lacrosse or even throw or catch a ball again that the doctor game him Verset to calm him down, he was a mess. At the ER he got an x-ray and a specialist examined his hand to see it there was any permanent damage. Luckily the glass only sliced through the muscle in his palm and didn't hit his tendon. 6 hours, 2 doses of Verset and 14 stitches later Jackson is resting at home. His is so disappointed that this happened on Christmas sledding, snowboarding, or anything involving the use of his left hand for 10 days. Basketball is out for 3 weeks too and he is really bummed about that. I guess Jackson was bound to get stitches sooner or later with his active lifestyle but not on Christmas break * UGGGG* I feel so bad for him but when we got home I knew he was feeling OK because the first thing he did was ate a dill pickle, from another jar of course! Love you Jackson, we hope you have a very speedy recovery!!


Heather said...

Hope you feel better!!! Luckily you will be good as new in no time. we love you!!! Enjoy movies, and games. xoxox love, Petersons

Our family chaos said...

Poor poor Jackson. What a tough cookie! Sorry he has to miss sports for a while but I am glad it did not cut through tendon. Ouch!

Adrienne said...

Jackson, Heavenly Father was watching out for you again. Lucky
no right hand. How blessed you are
little pickle man. What a guy you
are helping Mom do her chores. I am so proud of you and what you stand for. We were all proud of you at the hospital. The doctor got a real kick out of you. I think
maybe he was a little like you when
he was your age. Smart and aggressive. What do you think. Hope you get lots of reading done
with your new life style. Maybe we
can do a movie soon. Love G

Adrienne said...

Jackson, Betty loved her new hat
When she gets back in town we're going to visit you in the Porsche
with the top down wearing our new
hats. What a laugh.