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Saturday, March 10, 2012

String Easter Eggs!!

I have been making these darling String Easter Eggs for many years and they are so easy you can do it with your kids!!   My boys have loved making them and they are so cute to add to your Spring decor!! You can save them from year to year in a shoe box :)
First thing you want to do is get some colored craft string in many colors. Blow up some small water balloons in various sizes. Then you'll mix Elmers glue and water together in equal parts in a small bowl, you'll want one per person who is wrapping a balloon. Unwrap string into bowl in a large circle *careful not to tangle it*  then wrap around a balloon overlapping the sting. Pop the balloon once dry, about 3 hours. You can decorate with these darling eggs anywhere, even string them together for a cute garland!! Happy Easter!!

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