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Monday, March 5, 2012

The BEST thing for croup

WOW over 25,000 pins on PINTEREST, Thank you!!! I hate CROUP. My grandma told me about this 15 years ago when my then 2 year old was suffering with nasty croup. It has been a lifesaver ever since with my boys who have all had reoccurring croup and other respiratory crap, I hope it can help you too!! I Love comments, please leave one below :)

1 cup Ice
1 cup Rubbing Alcohol
Hand Towel

Put washcloth, ice and alcohol into bowl and cover with hand towel for 1 minute. Ring out wash cloth, wrap around neck of child and cover with hand towel to help subside fumes. Leave on until washcloth is warm and repeat until croup cough loosens.

If you try my grandma's remedy, leave a comment :)


Melissa said...

Thanks so much for sharing. Think I am going to try it tonight with my daughter :) Found on pinterest.

The Glaser Family said...

My kiddos are just getting over Croup as we speak, and these two remedies always help my kids:
1. Rub vapor rub on childs chest and neck, then sit in the bathroom (door closed) with scalding hot shower running until cough subsides.
2. Rub vapor rub on childs feet, top and bottom, and then put socks on them.
Both have worked like a charm for my kids, and my 5 year old son has had Croup 11 times since he was two...

missmarquisha said...

I just wanted to tell you that I just tried this on my nephew who has had this horrible bark like cough for the last few days. When he went 10 minutes without coughing, I was surprised, but then he went a whole hour with no cough and actually fell asleep! I am amazed! I called his mom at 1 A.M to let her know that I found a remedy. I hope you read this so that you can know you helped provide my nephew with some relief. How often do you have to repeat this?

The Cundick Family said...

I repeat as necessary:) I'm so glad it helped :)

B Moore said...

I have the spring crud so am going to try this also the lady who puts vicks on the feet, this works for menstral cramps, sleeplessness, breaking a fever, and probably lots of other things as well.

Sweets said...

What age is this safe at? 9mnth oldm

Katie Kunstman said...

My son has been dealing with croop and this barking cough for three days... I thought this was weird at first but when I put it on it helped immediately and then went a whole hour with no cough and actually fell asleep! I am amazed! He is and has been resting asleep for almost two hours now. Thank you so much for sharing.

Calei Griffice said...

This works! I am so relieved that my poor baby is now getting some much needed sleep! On the first application his cough slowed way down but didn't stop completely. So I re wetted the wash cloth and did a second application. He has stopped coughing completely and is sound asleep! THANK YOU for this tip!!

Unknown said...

I am a desperate Mom trying this remedy. I am on my second application. I am hoping for the best! Thank you for sharing.

Tiffany Romano said...

I want yo take a second to thank you. I have battled croup with my daughter for years she is now 23 and still gets it. My 2 year old granddaughter has it and i figured why not try it and she is now sleeping ( she hasnt slept in 2 days) Thank you! Boy do i wish Pintrest was around 23 year ago it would of saved a lot of unneeded emergency room visits and pian for my kids.. Thank You again.. i guess its true Grandmas know best lol

Summer Bess said...

Is this ok for a 5 month old?

C G said...

Just did this for my 15 month old! Wow wow wow! His breathing is 100% better. Thank your grandma for me!

Jimmie W. Martin said...

Omg. It's absolutely amazing. I can not BELIEVE IT WORKS IMMEDIATELY!!THANK GOD FOR GRANDMA.😊

Unknown said...

This worked for my one year old who has been
Battling croup for 3 days. Every night for
The past 3 nights I've been terrified to
Put him to sleep without worrying how he
Will be through the night. He was coughing
Non stop and by chance my good friend sent
Me this so of course I had to try it.. I put
The cloth around his neck and within a few
Minutes his breathing was cleared and he fell asleep in my lap. Now he
Is sleeping peacefully in his crib. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! This mama
Might be able to get some sleep tonight 👍😅..

alissa tadic said...

My 1 year old has been coughing non stop for 12 hours. I just did this and she hasn't coughed in 45 mins