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Thursday, July 24, 2008


**I have added lots of videos of our trip on our You Tube channel so make sure to visit...

Our first stop in Denver was the Denver Aquarium, it was so cool! The boys loved all the fish and they even had a tiger that played hide and seek with Landon for 30 minutes. It was so cute the tiger would go behind the wall and pounce out at Landon and Landon would jump and laugh. We followed one of the caretakers around for 2 hours while she feed the fish it was amazing and the boys loved all the action as the fish fought for food. We had a great day and the aquarium, it was one of the best aquariums we have been too.

Ryan took Jackson and Ayden to see the Major League Lacrosse All Star game. Jackson's new favorite sport is Lacrosse and it was so much fun to watch him play and learn the game this spring. Ryan discovered that Denver had a pro Lacrosse team the Outlaws and thought Jackson would love to see a game...he was right!! They all had a great night at Invesco Field watching the game, it was fun for them to see the very best players and now we have a new team to cheer for......Go Outlaws!!


It was a hot....100 degrees but we still enjoyed Elitch Garden's Amusement Park. Landon was big enough to ride some rides himself and had a great time. I got sick trying to be brave and riding the "Mind Eraser" roller coaster with Jackson. Ryan and the boys got soaked on a raft ride and we decided to call it quits but we still had fun in the hot Denver sun.

We decided to try and beat the heat so we headed west up to beautiful Breckenridge! What a breathtaking little city nestled in the Rocky Mountains. We enjoyed the beautiful drive and loved walking in the charming little town. No spotting's of Jesse Csincsak or DeAnna Pappas from The Bachlorette except for on the cover of the Summit County newspaper and I can see why she feel in love with this little ski town....we did too!!

The boys and I love to go to the zoo so we head to the Denver Zoo on our last day in Denver. It was another hot day, raising the mercury to above 100 but we still had a great day. Most of the animals were inside sleeping trying to beat the heat too but they have a great zoo. We saw a lot of animals and even saw the gorilla feeding. The boys liked all the snakes and bugs *yuck* and Landon liked playing what do thing say. It was a great ending to our trip and we look forward to going back soon but there is no place like home!!


lucy said...

Welcome home. Aiden is such a big kid now riding his bike to and from your house to mine. I still can't let my "baby" go yet. A couple more years maybe

Heather said...

Ok Denver looks amazing. Are You moving????