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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Our "Spook"tacular Halloween

After carving pumpkins, dressing up, trunk or treating and trick or treating (in the rain) we had a great Halloween. Jackson and Ayden carved their pumpkins all by themselves this year and both did a great job. Ayden did a scary pumpkin and Jackson a spider..they turned out so cute! We had a neighborhood "Trunk or Treat" complete with chili, soups and was so yummy. Despite being a darling lion at school Ayden opted to be Darth Vader, Jackson and Landon were still LEGO'S, Ryan was Tigger (thanks honey) and I was Eeyore. It was so much fun and all the little kids loved Tigger, so cute! The boys had a great time trick or treating despite the drizzle and we stopped by a Haunted House at our neighbors the Van Leeuwens...thanks David for scaring the #$%* out of Ayden. We stopped by our friends the Heugly's and ate some yummy snacks, Thanks :) Landon zonked out at 8 and the boys got down to the serious business of sorting their loot. Amongst the mountain of candy we spotted a candy cane and Jackson exclaimed "who gives out candy canes on Halloween, how old is that??" we all laughed. We even found 2 suspect "Chinese" candies and Ayden said "good thing we found them before Landon ate it and died!" *LOL* We have so much candy that I swear it multiplies every time I see it!! We had a great Halloween and missed all those we didn't spook this year. We look forward to next Halloween in 362 days...what will we be???


Tiffany said...

I was just wondering what you had to bribe Ryan with to dress up like that! That's love, for sure.

Tiffany said...

Ok, I just watched your slideshow and had to leave another comment. That suspect Chinese candy is one of my favorite treats! It's actually a Russian brand (Joyva), sesame seed treats made in the United States. I buy them in bulk at Whole Foods Market. Just thought I'd put your mind at ease!

Lisa said...

The costumes, the pictures, the slideshows, the pumpkins, the crafts, the treats, the books. the music.... all so fabulous and festive.... but already with the countdown till next year???? You definitely take the cake on "Most Halloween Crazed Mama"!! I love it!!