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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

days on the dawn....

We set sail on our boat The Norwegian Dawn from Miami, Florida towards the beautiful Caribbean. We had to do a evacuation drill as soon as we got on the boat. The boys life vests were too big and it was very hot. The sea was very rough for the spring storms and we got seasick the first night and it seems like one of us ended up being seasick every night. Our tiny cabin 10515 had 4 tiny beds. When we would come back to our cabin, the stewards would make us animals out of the towels and leave us chocolates. One night I (Renee) slept on mine and it melted all over me and the bed....not such a good idea to put them on the pillows.

We enjoyed 3 full days at sea while going from island to island. I kept busy on the ship playing shuffleboard, basketball, swimming and our new favorite pass time playing BINGO...we won $160.00!! We also saw a magician Greg Gleason who taught a memory class on the ship, it was really eye opening. We enjoyed lots of yummy food and even ate dinner at a French restaurant on the ship and had snails..surprisingly they were really good. We meet lots of people who worked on the ship who make the ship their home 9 months of the year to support their families at home in all different countries. We had a great time on the Dawn.

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