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Sunday, April 26, 2009

saturday's storm and lightning...

When I said in my last post "here comes the storm" I wasn't meaning literally!! Saturday was freezing and wet but Jackson and Ayden both played their first Lacrosse game of the season. Ayden's game was at 11:00 am and he was so nervous he barely ate any breakfast. We gathered hats, gloves, umbrellas and blankets and loaded up the car with all the boys equipment and headed out into the cold.

Ayden had a great game vs Alta. It was cold and we had a bit of drizzle but he had a fun first game. Ayden was a great blocker and fought for the ball with every step. The grass was really long and he tripped a couple of times trying to run and cradle the ball at the same time but jumped right up and kept on fighting for his "green gloves". He was glad when it was over being tired, cold and wet from the rain and sweat and he was starving :) I guess he nerves had calmed. He looks forward to playing next week in the sun :) *fingers crossed*

Jackson's game was at 1:00 pm and he had a fabulous game. Within the first minute of the game Jackson took the ball all the way down the field and shot for his teams 1st goal of the season *Cheer* it was awesome! His team played great and he assisted on 2 other goals with perfect passes. The pouring rain and cold didn't seem to bother him or his team one bit but Ayden, Landon and I retreated to the car the last quarter soaked to the skin. Ryan had a blast coaching and getting to see the team in action was great. We look forward to next Saturday's games and I am hoping the the only Storm and Lightning will be on the fields!!

Way to go Jackson and Ayden you ROCK!!


Lisa, F is for Fischer said...

Brrrrrr... you sure are a dedicated sports mama!!!!!! I love the great pictures!

lucy said...

Such a good mom you are. Your boys are lucky. Thanks for doing that meal with me!