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Friday, April 3, 2009

special samana...

At our first port Samana, Dominican Republic it was raining. Last year when we visited Samana we met a boy named Jordan and we wanted to find him that was the only reason we ventured to Samana. We asked some locals if they knew him and they helped us find our friend Jordan. He didn’t really remember us because he meets so many foreigners but it was fun to see him again. He took us around on his motorcycle/rickshaw. He pulled us through the mountains weaving in and out of the cars and led us to a beautiful waterfall in the jungle. Along the hike (in the mud and rain) he and some other local boys showed us local plants like coconut, mango, cocoa bean (chocolate), and the boys favorite the mimosa (like a Mexican fly trap plant). It was a very eye opening experience for our family. We were sad to see how the people lived and had absoultly nothing. The city was very rundown and covered with garbage. It was sad for us to think of Jordan and the people of Samana living such a hard life and we are very thankful for what we do have and for the blessing of meeting Jordan. We found out that we has 2 children and got his address so we could keep intouch.

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