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Sunday, July 12, 2009

from our kitchen to yours

For months now (actually years) my sister and I have been swapping recipes. She tells me about something she made that was great and visa versa. We came up with the idea of a family cookbook but it seemed like the only ones interested in it was us. I LOVE to cook and bake, it seems like some days I don't ever leave the kitchen. My friends and family are always asking me for great recipes so yes you guessed it...I started a recipes blog!! It is called Whisk US Away, doesn't it sound like a fabulous dream?? My sister Michelle and I will be blogging all our favorite family recipes. You can find everything from tangy teryiaki chicken to refreshing summer lemonade and yes let's not forget the delicious desserts!! So make sure to follow us so all of our yummy recipes are just a click away and visit us whenever you need something new to spice us your kitchen!!

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