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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

happy 10th birthday jackson

I can't believe my Jackson is 10!! Honestly where does the time go? It seems like yesterday he was born at 12 noon, 7 lbs 6 oz and 19 inches long....he was perfect! From birth Jackson has loved balls, golf balls, footballs, tennis balls, basketball, soccer balls...any kind of ball and he was always holding one. Jackson is a natural athlete for what he lacks in size his heart makes up for it. He plays and loves everything and loves being busy. Jackson loves playing and teaching his brothers sports and they can keep busy all day. Jackson has taught Landon how to flip scoop a lacrosse ball and how to shoot, it is so cute. Jackson is a great big brother! We are all so blessed to have him in our family. We look forward to many more birthdays we just wish we could press rewind once in a while because time goes by so fast. We love you so much Jackson!!

Here are 10 things that you may not know about Jackson...

1. He LOVES maple syrup on EVERYTHING
(Just call him Buddy)
2. His Favorite cereal is oatmeal
3. His first word was "Ball"
4. He hates to go to bed
5. He could eat pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner
6. He hates mayonnaise
7. He had blonde curly hair until he was 4
8. He loves to knit
9. He loves BYU & Princeton
(we don't know how that happened, we have RED running through our veins)
10. He walked at 9 months and hasn't showed any signs of stopping

Happy 10th Birthday Jackson!!!


becausethesunrises said...

Happy Birthday JACKSON!!!!!!!!
I hope you have an Awesomely AMAZING day!!!!!! I love you so much and I know that I'm the luckiest aunt ever to have such cool nieces and nephews!
Love your favorite aunt!

Heather said...

Happy Birthday Jackson!!! We love you!!!XOXOXOX

The Olson Family said...

Jackson!!!! Happy birthday!!!! We love you. Sounds like you had a great birthday party! Have an even better year than the last!

Love your favorite Aunt, Uncle and Cousin *huge loves* Dono!

geislers said...

Happy Birthday Jackson!!