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Sunday, October 18, 2009

all heart...

Saturday was Grandparents/Family Day at Jackson's football game. As many of you know, Jackson was injured 3 weeks ago during a game and has been suffering terrible knee pain and swelling since. We thought it would pass but it didn't so we took him to the doctor. After 2 visits to the doctor and Orthopedist, an x ray and MRI Jackson has been put on limited activity and has a brace on his leg supporting his knee. The doctor made the diagnosis of Osteochondritis Dissecans OCD but after the results come back from his MRI and we meet with his Orthopedist on Tuesday will know for sure. Jackson was crushed when the doctor told him that he couldn't play football any more. The course of action to help his knee heal if in fact the doctor's pre MRI diagnosis is correct, worst case will be up to eight weeks in a hip to ankle cast. In talking to Jackson we made the decision to let him play in his game on Saturday as it maybe his last for the season. We are looking on the bright side and hope that the MRI shows something less serious but Jackson wanted to play and has more heart than any other boy I know. He was so excited that it was family day but he was still a little apprehensive about playing with his knee but he didn't let that stop him. He made 2 touchdowns and helped his team to V I C T O R Y with a 27 - 19 win over Woodscross! We are so very proud of him. Ayden and Landon showed their support by coloring their hair Bengal orange and blue...they looked so cute!! We are optimistic and will keep you posted about what the Orthopedist says on Tuesday...keep him in your prayers :)

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