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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

jackson's knee

It's semi good cast is needed!! But Jackson has posttraumatic injuries in his knee. These include moderate bone bruising in the patella (knee cap) and the medial femoral condyle, moderate anterior cruciate ligament sprain, he has fluid between the fibers of his knee and severe bruising and edema in his Hoffa's pad (the fat pad below your knee cap) He will wear his brace for another 2 weeks, ice it twice a day and can start mild activity after that. The Orthopedist will reevaluate him in 4 weeks. We are thankful that he doesn't need surgery or that his injuries with heal on their own with rest *fingers crossed*. We look forward to Jackson getting back to his speedy active self very soon!!

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The Olsons said...

Oh, Jackson! I hope your knee heals so you can be up and running again really soon! Feel better!!!

Love ya!