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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ayden's birdhouse

Ayden had to build something of use for a project in Scouts towards earning his Wolf. He choose to build a birdhouse. He called his grandpa one afternoon and asked him if he would help him. Ayden spent an afternoon at his grandpa's and they came up with the design and built it together. Over the next few days Ayden sanded it and very carefully painted it. It turned out so cute that I couldn't wait to hang it in my tree. Ayden did such a good job and we were all so very proud of him. Thanks grandpa Russ for all your help and Way to go Ayden!!


becausethesunrises said...

That is a way cute birdhouse!!! Great job Ayden!!!

The Olsons said...

I love all the colors on it especially the blue door and the orange roof, call me biased but we love the UVA colors!! Job well done Ayden!