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Friday, September 26, 2008

PCMC baby quilts for Christmas...

With Christmas only 84 days away I am feeling the crunch to get going on my PCMC NICU Christmas baby quilt and hat project. Thanks to my cute little sister Chanelle, I no longer need to worry about making or collecting knit hats.....she has been kitting away and made them all!!! She is so talented and giving and I honestly don't know what I would do without her. Since she is done working on my project she is now taking custom orders!!! If you'd like to order a personalized super cute, cosy knit hat for anyone you love just go to "The Enchanted Princess" she can make them in any color and size...thinking Christmas ;)!! Thanks again Chanelle, and to all those who have sent blankets already and who have offered to help, you ROCK!! I am still looking for anyone that would like to donate baby blankets, so if you'd like to help contact me at soooooo much!!


Lisa said...

Hey Renee, I have taught one of my students (who has autism) how to tie fleece blankets so that she and I can help you. She has made 3 already and is busily working on number 4. I think that my mothe in law and grandmother in law will be able to help me do a few quilts too. We'll try to get a few done next month so that you have an idea of what you've got and what you still need.
I think this is a beautiful project of yours and we are all happy to help.

becausethesunrises said...

Wow you are sooooo awesome! I'm not quite done on the hats yet, I only have about 10 left to make.You make me so happy! Hopefully when we're done with the blankets and hats we can take them to PCMC together. Love ya!