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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Parade

Our morning started bright and early to avoid any mishaps or being late. Everyone got up excited, had breakfast and then we started to put on our costumes...that is when it happened. Jackson was going to be a Storm Trooper from Star Wars, Ayden and Landon were both LEGO'S. When Jackson put on his costume we both gasped in horror, it was to small, not just a little a lot :( I panicked and so did he. I quickly talked him into being Ayden's Lego with Landon and dashed down to the basement to start finding Ayden a temporary replacement costume. I found a cute Lion I inherited from my mom that my brother Christopher wore when he was little and very quickly did his make-up. They all looked so cute and nobody knew that we almost had a mini disaster this morning. They all had fun in their classroom parties and are so excited to go trick or treating tomorrow. Who knows what they will be on Halloween *LOL*

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Tiffany said...

Way to save the day, mama! Seriously, it's no small feat to get an entire family outfitted for Halloween. Glad it all worked out!