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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Make your own Spooky Skeleton

1. You'll need several different pasta shapes for this project — some straight, some curly, and some round-ish. The more you can find, the better. It also helps to use black poster board or something really stiff for the backing as the glue can make the art kind of heavy.

2. You can start by briefing your "crafters" on body proportions. If nothing else, I like to have them see that people don't have arms that come out of their neck and legs that come out of their pelvis. People have shoulders and hip bones which make arms and legs spread apart, not stick together like in most stick people drawings.

3. Show the your "crafters" how to start with round-ish shapes to make a head, straight spaghetti to make the arms and spine and legs, and the curly shapes to make a rib cage.

4. Once the pasta has been arranged on heavy paper, lift each item up and glue in place.

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