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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Not our normal Saturday

Yesterday started out just like every other Saturday and by dusk we were all exhausted. But yesterday wasn't the normal run the boys to soccer and football we added a trip to PCMC.

We started the day bright and early gathering gloves, hand warmers, blanket, coats and layering thermal underwear under the boys was projected to be cold and snowy. We packed up the car and headed out one man short, Ryan was gone this weekend at a conference in California so it was just me and the boys. I dropped off Jackson 1st so he could practice with his team before the game and then headed to the soccer field. It dawned on me that I had forgotten the game ball for football and rushed home to get it.

We made it to Ayden's game with 10 minutes to spare and I dropped Ayden off and headed back to the football field to drop off the tent and the so important game ball. I pack Landon in the stroller with a warm blanket and snacks and headed to Ayden's soccer game. It was cold but Ayden was playing great, he stayed right with the ball and got a goal, and the next quarter he played goalie.

We headed over to Jackson game and it was almost half and it was starting to snow. We were on defense and I cheered for the boys hoping that Jackson would see that I was there, I don't think he did. On our next offensive play Huddy ran the ball and then I saw Jackson was in the quarterback position and I knew he would be running the ball. The ball was hiked high but he jumped up to catch it and took off on the far side of the field. I saw the tackle through the mist of snow and players and it was hard. Jackson fell to the ground with some other players. The pile broke up but one player wasn't getting up, who was it I asked?? OMG, it was Jackson he was curled up on the ball not moving, not an inch. His coaches started yelling "Nelson, Nelson" over and over again until Marcroft and Nelson two doctors on our team rushed to his side along with the field EMT. I was crying and completely panicked wanting to rush to his side. Finally one of the coaches yelled for me and I ran to his side...he was just dazed and was crying and complaining that his stomach hurt. He had been unconscious and he wasn't breathing that whole time. After about 5 minutes his coach carried him off the field. He was extremely nauseous, crying and in pain. After about a minute he passed out again and that is when I panicked and Nelson told me that he need to go to the hospital. I was just going to take him myself but someone had called an ambulance and suggested that if he passed out again that this would be the best.

They gave him oxygen in the ambulance because his limbs were tingly and that usually indicates not enough oxygen. Jackson was scared and his stomach hurt. At PCMC he had a CT SCAN (he hated it, he said it felt like he was going in a spaceship), EKG, lots of blood work, an IV (they had to poke him twice and every time a nurse or doctor came in he asked them to take it out) and X rays. He hated all the tests and just wanted to go home. When all was said and done 5 hours later, they concluded that he had bruised his small intestines and they are swollen and very tender. This is probably due to the force in which he fell on the ball. They couldn't explain why he passed out just said it was probably from pain and the hard hit. Jackson will be resting at home for a couple for days and was so thankful for all the calls and texts wishing him well.

He was so happy to hear that his team won 23-0 and looks forward to seeing them soon. I am so thankful for everyone that helped me during this scary time at the field. With Ryan being gone I was at a loss and all the support that came pouring in was awesome, we are truly blessed to be on such a great team with THE BEST COACHES, PLAYERS and PARENTS!!As to be expected, Jackson is wary of playing again and we will just have to let him heal and go at his own pace. He has wanted to play football since he could walk and loves the game but not getting hurt. He loves all his coaches and his team and has had a great time this season. We have been so fortunate to be on such a wonderful team and to have meet such great friends. We are so thankful that Jackson is ok and hope he will have a speedy recovery.


Lisa said...

YIKES!!! First Ayden getting stitches, then Jackson at Primary's... you better keep Landon strapped down before he follows suit and becomes a rough and tumble Cundick boy!!!
I'm glad that Jackson is doing better, so scary. Let me know if I can help.
PS I LOVE Ayden's hat in the above pics. Did your sister make it?

The Robin's Nest said...

Ouuuuuuuuch! Let me know if there is anything we can do. We can always bring over a movie and snacks to cheer him up.