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Friday, March 5, 2010


Yesterday I was contacted by KSL to do a news story on my efforts to get Missionary Relief Kits to Chile. My sisters and I have been collecting supplies and donations since the8.8 earthquake last Saturday. I would personally like to thank Dr. Chester Smyth & Dr. Richard Ellis for donating oral hygine supplies for our kits, thank you from the bottom of my heart!! I was thrilled and excited at the opportunity to be able to tell our story and then maybe we could find someone who would like to help us deliver our kits to Chile. At this point we don't have a realistic way to get them to the missionaries who so desperately need them. When the story aired last night I was disappointed that they didn't focus more on our humanitarian effort and not about our families worry about Christopher and other missionaries safety. I do not want my brother to come home. I want him to be SAFE and to get him some supplies that he desperately needs. He LOVES his mission and I know he is where our Father in Heaven needs him. He is a Strong young man and has helped countless Chileans since the quake. Yes, I am very worried about him but he has NOT asked to come home. There are hardships and danger but my intention was to make more people aware that many missionaries now have nothing and recruit help for ALL of the missionaries serving in Chile! Some have no shoes and only the clothes on their backs, I want to help them so that they can continue the Lords work!! The story was slanted, yes he has been in a dangerous situation but we just want to help!! I HAVE prayed and I do have FAITH but as my brother says "Go and do, don't sit and stew." My sisters and I are doing!! - Sandy family worries for missionary's safety in Chile

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Dr Smythe is in my old ward!!! Say Hello from the Morgans!!! Nice very nice!!!