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Monday, March 1, 2010

update on Christopher in Chile

I was contacted by a producer of GMA yesterday after they saw my Tweets about him on CNN the morning of the 8.8 Earthquake in Chile. I gave them the number Christopher gave my mom when he spoke briefly to her yesterday morning. They interviewed him this morning on GMA. How is it that GMA can reach him but I have not been able too, makes me crazy. I think I have dialed that number a hundred times :( Hearing his voice brought tears to my eyes and my heart aches for him. He sounded very calm and for Christopher I know that means he was really focusing on not breaking down. Christopher told my mom this morning that the conditions in Chile are quickly deteriorating, there is no food, water, power or shelter. The looting has gotten out of hand and the military is being very aggressive. They are not allowing people to be in the street but they don't know where else to go, their houses are in shambles and they are afraid of going inside because of all the after shocks. He has not eaten in 2 days and has had very little rest. Most of the members in his area (Bio Bio) are homeless and some are still missing. He has spent his days and nights helping to uncover people buried in the rubble and helping out in anyway he can. We are very blessed that he has been able to use a members phone to contact us. I know that there are many missionary families that have yet to talk to their missionary and Chileans unable to reach their families. Please keep him and the Chilean people in your thoughts and prayers. I love you Christopher and I am praying for your safety.

You can also check my moms blog and Christopher's mission blog for updates.


Malea said...

That is just crazy! It's wonderful for him to try to be so strong, but it must be heartbreaking for you and your family. Still praying. Please let us know if you find out instructions how we can directly help.

Liz said...

Cindy, I know Christopher is in the Lord's hands. It is a miracle that his little shack was not swept out to sea and the Lord will continue to provide miracles! He is where he is supposed to be, and the leaders over him have been called by the Lord as well. I know they will be inspired to act accordingly. What an amazing young man he is! How my heart aches for you and your family! How excruciating to be waiting and wondering! You are all in my prayers.