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Monday, March 8, 2010

Letter from Christopher; Terremotos y el fin del mundo, Earthquakes and the End of the World


I honestly don't know where to start. What else is there to say than how amazing is the power of God. If you only felt the mix of feelings that I feel now...In the past few days I have learned a lot about God's plan for me and the Plan for all of us.

These really are the last days. That was a confirmation when I woke up and 3:34 in the morning last Saturday. Slowly the earth shook, and slowly I realized that I was experiencing an earthquake. Then the earth shook more violently. And it didn't stop, it seemed, never. Even now .

After that came the tsunami and the looting and the fires and, etc.. A lot.
During this time of trial and chaos, I have observed many foundations fall, literally and spiritually speaking. Many people are found asking themselves, "where is my strength?" I've lost my house, my work also doesn't exist, I have no computer, no tv. Where am I?" they ask. More precisely they ask. "who am I?" Seeing this i am grateful to know that I, nor they have been left alone in this very traumatic experience. I have had the Lord's help every step of the way. Now they have their rhetorical walls broken down so that they can also have this help as well.

I have learned more than anything that if you are prepared you shall not fear. I have seen that a people full of fear will do almost anything to survive. If we prepare spiritually by living the Gospel and by keeping a year's supply of food storage we shall not fear. Ever.

I have a feeling that this is just the beginning. We must prepare. From this moment on we must decide whom we will serve. This earthquake has divided this people in two. The line is more apparent between good and evil. As for me, I chose to serve Jesus Christ. I believe that that has been and will be the greatest decision I make. I have seen the alternative and it is nothing. I am His disciple.
I am safe and well, I we are going to get there. I know it. Pray until your knees hurt.

love you,

Elder Christopher Morgan

Read Doctrine and Covenants 122:7-8

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Lucy said...

beautiful. What a mission experience!