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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Close call....

“I got an owie” says the child when he falls down. A kiss and hug from mommy is his first aid. I hope stitches don't comes next for he smiles and jumps exclaiming “Look no hands!”

As you know, Landon is always climbing and jumping off things but yesterday he had a close call......he slipped of the stool and hit his lip on the kitchen counter. I panicked and almost ran him to the emergency room thinking that his teeth went through his bottom lip and it needed stitches. The cut inside his lip is much worse than the one in the outside and I really couldn't see because of all the blood.....yuck. Grandma Adrienne went and got him some popsicles and he got lots of hugs. About an hour after it happened he brought me the first aid kit and said "mommy, I need and banaid" and pointed to his lip "owie!". He is so smart. This morning he had a fat lip but for the most part is in good spirits. I think he might have more "owies" than Jackson and Ayden and maybe the first to get stitches if he keeps jumping and climbing! At least he keeps me on my toes..........never a dull moment!

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Heather said...

Poor Landon!!! We hope your feeling ok! XOXOXOX