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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My process to evolution...Week 1

Did you watch it? If not stop here and watch it....SOOO funny...wish I could day the same about myself when I am "undressed" WHATEVER! But I am on my way...sorry if you are now craving chocolate...join my world!! Drum roll please...I am down 3 lbs since last week, I know I know not the whopping 10+ lbs that they loose in a week on the biggest looser but still -3! I wasn't strict on eating healthy this week I just focused on getting moooooving ...*LOL* I have tried to pay attention to my eating habits and my weakness is at night...I have terrible sweet tooth. I don't go to bed until late, I am up cleaning and doing laundry......I walk past the kitchen to get to my laundry room and curse I get a snack. I also spend a lot of time on the go and when we get home from the days sport events mac & cheese, grilled cheese or pizza seems to be the dinner trend....terrible I know but with Ryan gone I tend to cook what I know the boys will eat. Also, I am a cola addict...I am not picky, diet coke, diet pepsi or coke zero I crave it, sick I know but there could be worse things right?? Well, I am going to watch what I eat this week and see what happens....On to week 2!!


Liz and Jake said...

Thanks Renee I am now totally craving chocolate!! Way to be so supportive!!! I am totally going to blame this coming weeks weight gain on you! LOL Way to go on loosing 3 pounds...keep up the good work, you are awesome!

emily Redd said...

way to go renee! I guess our stop at joe's crab shack didn't help much huh? it probably wasn't much worth it either since it was about the WORST service ever! Anyway, what in the world does LOL mean? I see that all the time but have no clue what it means? My weakness is at night too...fruit roll ups for me ..ohhh yummy!!!