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Monday, April 28, 2008

Just when we thought we were safe....

Just when we thought we would have an easy year as far as sickness goes it happened...our little Landon has strep and a double ear infection. He has had a fever all weekend and pulling at his ears saying "hot, ears hot" and drooling like crazy, so at about 9:30 PM I got a flashlight and looked down his throat, he hated it of course and screamed...that's when I saw them...horrible little red and white spots all over his cheeks, roof of his mouth and down his throat. I took him to Kids Care and they confirmed the strep but when the doctor looked in his ears and gasped, I knew something was bad. The doctor said that he was surprised that his ear hadn't burst and Landon was in such good spirits because his right ear was so infected. He then looked in the left ear and yeap, it was infected too. Poor Little Landon. He is now on antibiotics and should be back to himself in a couple of days!!


emily Redd said...

OHHHHH, so SAD!!! If there is one thing that is so hard about being a mom it is sick, sick kids! I hate it! I want to die when my kids are sick because pretty much the whole house is miserable! So sorry you were up at 2 should have given me a ring...I'm always up :)
As far as your survivor comment...heck now I hate Natalie...she is a freak show for sure! I hope she goes this week...hopefully Amanda will have some influence in getting her off! Love it that you love the show as much as I do! You're the best!

Heather said...

Poor Little Landon Man. Get Well Better!!!! We love you all!