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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hey, Batter Batter!

Angel's vs. Giants...Ayden played his first baseball game for the 2008 season today. It was cold and windy but he was so excited. He hit the ball on both his up's, played catcher and got tagged 3 players for outs! He had a great time. Landon bundled up and enjoyed the game with his favorite snack, ceetos (for about 5 minutes until his hands got cold). We look forward to a great season a
nd warmer weather. Go Ayden's Angel's!!

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Liz and Jake said...

So cute Ayden! Sammie and I will have to make it to some of your games...when it is warmer of course! BRRRR! I don't know how you did so well with it being so cold! Way to go!!

Looks like your kids had about as healthy as a dinner as mine! Alex would live off of cheetos if I let her!